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Our Mission

OutServ.net, Inc. helps small and medium-sized businesses deliver fast, reliable and secure services via the Internet. We help select, deploy, and manage the right servers and networks (cloud-based or physical) to keep your online business running smoothly at an affordable price. You will sleep better, because OutServ is ready to respond with the knowledge and experience to fix problems quickly and is with you going forward to manage changes as your network-based services evolve.

Services to Enhance Your Existing Capabilities

  • 24x7 management of your network-based services
  • Fast response to incidents using well-defined processes and support tools that speed the isolation and resolution of problems
  • Network engineering and management
  • Security management including firewall services, host-based "hardening," intrusion detection, threat assessment, and proactive patch management
  • System administration of operating systems, web servers, email servers, and database systems
  • Monitoring of network devices, servers, application components, and end-to-end user service levels

Delivering Repeatable Success

OutServ delivers our services in a highly scalable and repeatable manner by leveraging the OutServ Service Delivery System (SDS). The OutServ SDS integrates the information, processes, and tools necessary to support the ongoing maintenance, growth, and evolution of the infrastructure components that power information services. The SDS framework is flexible enough to support complex and unique customer requirements while providing the structure and repeatability necessary to deliver cost-effective and scalable solutions.

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