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Business is booming!  Are you the right person to help?

OutServ is building a team of professionals who are committed to making our customers "exceedingly happy" with the reliability and performance of their IT operations.
Technical candidates should have good troubleshooting skills and should have significant experience in several areas such as system administration, network engineering, security management, storage architecture, NMS systems, and database management.

We are actively seeking candidates with experience in web hosting, Enterprise Linux system administration, Cisco firewalls, and open-source network management tools.

OutServ offers a dynamic work environment where motivated team members can help shape the future of managed IT operations services.  We are a 24x7 operation where "on call" and after-hours work is often required. To compensate, we offer perks such as excellent health benefits and flexible scheduling.

If you are interested in joining the OutServ team, please contact careers@outserv.net.

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